Is Selling Homemade Food Legal?

Wyoming Food Freedom Act

Referred to as the nation’s best law in homemade food business, the Wyoming Food Freedom Act (FFA) makes it legal for people who live in Wyoming to cook food in their own kitchen and sell it to the public, with a few exceptions and rules. 

According to the State of Wyoming’s 66th State Legislature, “The purpose of the Wyoming Food Freedom Act is to allow for a producer’s production and sale of homemade food or drink products for an informed end consumer’s home consumption consumer and to encourage the expansion of agricultural sales at farmers markets, ranches, farms and producers’ homes.”

Initially, the Act was meant to increase the popularity and turnover of farmer’s markets, improving the availability of healthy and local food products at affordable prices and focusing mainly on fresh and shelf-stable homemade foods.

In 2020, the bill got further expanded by Wyoming Governor Mark Gordon by the signing of the HB 84 bill. The bill allows the sale of perishable food items in Wyoming, including any homemade food, drinks and meals (except raw uncooked meat, wild caught meat and alcohol).

Furthermore, the home cooks “shall inform the end consumer that the food product is NOT certified, labeled, licensed, packaged, regulated or inspected by the health department.” This allows the home cooks to sell their food legally as long as they inform the food buyer with this information, using a label on the package.

Essentially, anyone with talent in the kitchen can turn your home kitchens into a home restaurant avoiding the large overhead costs and challenges that come with opening and running a commercial restaurant. 

YouFeed has a dedicated specialized legal team who has done extended research on the food laws and FFA to develop the terms and conditions for selling homemade food legally in Wyoming. 

YouFeed has not only done all the legal work but also developed the technology platform, education and marketing tools so that our home cooks can focus on cooking and running their home restaurant. 

We hope you join our growing community of local home cooks and turn your passion of cooking into reality!

– The YouFeed Team


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