Turn your passion for cooking into extra income!

With YouFeed, you can cook food in your own kitchen and sell it to the public without ever owning a restaurant.

Become a YouFeed Home Cook!

Calling All Home-Chefs! Turn Your Passion into Profit with YouFeed! Simply fill out the form below and we will contact you to get you started!

Do you currently have a Food Handler Card? (If not, we will provide you the course)

Cook and sell authentic, home-cooked dishes on your own terms and schedule.

Earn what you need!

Make great money

You can create your own dishes and set your own prices. The more you cook and sell, the more you’ll make. Plus, you will get paid with a generous commission that will get automatically deposited to your account.

Set your own schedule & terms

Only cook when it works for you. You set your own hours, your own delivery options, and your own rules. There is no office or boss. That means you will start and stop on your own time – because with YouFeed you’re in charge.

 No major expenses

You can be the “chef” you always dreamed of without physically owning a restaurant and spending money on rent, overhead expenses, and employees. Your main costs will be the food.

It’s easy to get started!

Sign up

Fill up the form below and tell us a little about yourself, your past cooking experience, and what you plan to sell from your kitchen. We will set you up so you can start selling food from your kitchen in no time.


Add your food

Add the dishes you want to sell, including their ingredients, add-ons and pictures. Choose the days and times your food can be available for sale and how much it will cost. List pickup/delivery options,.

Start selling your food

You’re all set! Let the public view, buy and rate your delicious and unique food using the app. Over time, as you build your YouFeed profile, you can build a following and become a star YouFeeder.

Top 4 perks with YouFeed?


Your “kitchen” will be displayed on the app according to your location and food categories. The better your reviews are, the more customers you will get.

Orders received

The app will notify you when you receive a request from a buyer. Choose to accept, deny or modify the request. Once you are both in agreement, the order will be confirmed.


Check all your transactions and sales you make from selling your dishes on the app. It will be a cashless transaction system.

GPS function

The app localizes the buyer for delivery and pick up purposes and provides easy directions.

How it works

When you sell food through YouFeed

Cook your food from your own kitchen

Cook your food from your own kitchen, with your own terms, menu, and ingredients, without owning a restaurant.

Sell your food with YouFeed

Add your dishes in the App and sell it to the public.

Make money doing what you love

Make money cooking your delicious food. The more you cook and sell, the more you’ll make. Plus, you’ll get paid with every purchase right away and your commission gets automatically deposited to your account.

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About YouFeed

YouFeed is an online marketplace that enables you to buy and sell home cooking. Our mission is to change the way people have access to food by connecting local, approved home cooks with people who love and crave authentic, homemade cuisine. The YouFeed app is available for download in the App Store and Google Play.