Since our launch in Wyoming, YouFeed has been working with local home cooks to help them turn their passion of cooking into a homemade food business. Our home chefs can monetize their home kitchens by signing up on our app and making their meals available for sale to their local community, on their own terms and schedule.

However, getting people used to the idea of buying homemade food from your local neighbors, as opposed to ordering from restaurants or takeout, will take some time. So will improving self-confidence and skills of operating a food business for a lot of talented home cooks.

Many people may be great at cooking, but are they as good in running a business? Will they be able to price their meals appropriately to make sure they sell but also make profit? Will they be able to present their food properly on the app to attract food buyers?

This is why we recently hired Sarah Parker, an experienced food blogger from Gillette to help us run local operations, work with our new home cooks and raise brand awareness.

YouFeed's new home chef coordinator
YouFeed’s new home chef coordinator, Sarah Parker

Sarah runs a successful food blog website known as The Fit Cookie, specializes in allergy-free recipes AND is a personal trainer. She sat down with us the other day to share her story and tell us why she decided to join YouFeed.

Let’s get to know Sarah a little better!

1. When you were young, what did you want to be when you grew up?

When I was a kid, I wanted to be either an EMT or a doctor. I used to watch the show Rescue 911 and wanted to be an ambulance driver, which I later found out was called an EMT.

2. When did you realize that cooking food and sharing recipes could be torn it into a business?

Food allergies are something I have struggled with for years. When my kids were also diagnosed with food allergies, it made buying and cooking food even harder. I started adapting family recipes and recipes I found online to fit our food allergies. I realized that I might not be the only one facing this problem and decided to start sharing my recipe remakes and our own recipes online on a blog.

It initially started out as a hobby, but then over the years my blog grew into a business and a way to supplement our family income. On October 31, it will be 10 years that I am blogging.

Seeing how my recipe blog has grown over the years, allergy-friendly food could definitely be a great niche for home cooks to explore and expand on YouFeed, as well!

3. What’s your favorite food in general and why?

I love sushi! Well-made and high-quality sushi tastes so good, and it is rather healthy and can be easily made allergy-friendly.

4. What is the most rewarding thing in running a food blog and what do you aspire to achieve?

It is truly rewarding to get feedback from the people who use my recipes to feed their families with delicious food even if they have multiple food allergies. I want to continue to share great allergy-friendly recipes with my blog readers and help provide income for my family in the meanwhile! Eventually, I would like to write a cookbook.

In a way, my passion for helping people and making healthy and delicious food more available correlates a lot with what YouFeed is set out to achieve.

Sarah Parker, home chef coordinator, and her family
Sarah Parker and her family

5. What is your mission at YouFeed then?

I am the local coordinator and brand ambassador for Wyoming for YouFeed. I am the local Wyoming contact for YouFeed, which means that I am helping new home cooks to get started on the app and find their niche. I also deal with local outreach to help continue to grow the brand and its recognition across the state.

6. How did you decide to join YouFeed? What resonated with you the most?

Over the years, I have received a lot of emails and pitches from all kinds of apps and companies, and YouFeed stood out to me as really unique. I loved the idea of offering more economic opportunities for Wyoming residents by selling food from their home kitchen through YouFeed. It gives a lot of flexibility, and people who are great cooks but may currently see cooking and selling food as a part-time job can make their own schedules.

This is certainly something I would love to see made available to more people here! Wyoming has been my home for 36 years, and I want to continue to see the residents in my favorite state thrive!

Have more questions for Sarah? Reach out to her by email to find out how you can become a home chef and start thriving from your kitchen. Whether you live in Cheyenne, Casper, Gillett, Laramie or any other town in Wyoming, now you can run a business from the comfort of your own kitchen!